How many days free storage do I get at the destination?2020-02-04T14:35:26+00:00

Generally you receive 2 DAYS FREE STORAGE, but this may vary according to destination.

How do I get my cargo at it’s destination?2020-02-04T14:34:53+00:00

We will furnish you with all the relevant waybill numbers and airline details. We urge you to contact the airline and chase up from your end to ensure speedy delivery. Thereafter you may approach an agent to collect on your behalf or you can approach the relevant Customs branch to discuss collection yourself.

Must we seal the boxes?2020-02-04T14:35:40+00:00

We require all cargo to be sealed upon delivery / collection to or by us. If there are examinations required by Customs, boxes will be opened in our supervision and they will be re-sealed by Customs.

What duties and taxes are payable?2020-02-04T14:33:53+00:00

Duties vary according to Country or Destination. We can however approach our agents to give us an estimate but we have no control over the actions of Customs anywhere in the world.

How will I be charged?2020-02-04T14:33:12+00:00

The volume is calculated by multiplying the dimensions (in cm) of the length, width and Height of the boxes by each other and then dividing by 6000. This will determine the volumetric weight.

Do you collect?2020-02-04T14:32:43+00:00

Yes we collect in Johannesburg and Pretoria and can arrange for a third party collection nationwide.

How can I pay?2020-02-04T14:29:29+00:00

We accept, Cash, EFT, Cheques – which must clear prior to shipment departure

How long will my goods take to get to my destination?2020-02-04T14:29:45+00:00

Transit times may vary – Door to Airport 3-5 Days, Door to Door 5-10 Days

Customs Clearing

Giant Worldwide Logistics is an accredited and licensed customs clearing agent represented at all major airports of South Africa. Consequently, we comply to all necessary custom..


Airfreight charges are normally higher than Sea Freight and Road Freight charges, however the size, weight and the nature of the commodity is taken into consideration..

Dangerous Goods

There are certain types of packaging, loading and quantity requirements that must be respected for dangerous goods before loading them onto a vessel, aircraft or vehicle.