• Air Freight Services

    Air Freight

    Airfreight charges are normally higher than Sea Freight and Road Freight charges, however the size, weight and the nature of the commodity is taken into consideration before an assessment is made. The time span of shipment and the duration of travel is also taken into consideration. Airfreight offers unaccompanied cargo services to any destination in the world in the shortest possible time.

    Flexibility in timing, routing and delivery mode

    Airfreight is ideal for handling special cargo such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, microchips, oversized oil and gas equipment, helicopters, cars, radioactive and explosive cargo as well as high-value goods.

  • Road Freight Services

    Road Freight

    Whether you have a single shipment, a few pallets or multiple full loads every week, we can handle your cargo and give you the best solution for your road freight needs.

    We make sure your cargo is delivered safely and efficiently wherever it needs to go.

    We offer road transport services for:

    • Full load shipments
    • Part load shipments
    • Groupage shipments

    Our office is staffed by experienced freight forwarders and sales staff who know the South African market and local transport conditions. Whether you need one pallet transported or multiple shipments each day, we can make sure you get the transport solution that matches your needs exactly.

  • Sea Freight

    Sea Freight

    If efficiency matters for your shipment, Giant Worldwide Logistics sea freight services are your best choice

    We can help you understand local requirements as well as sorting out your local pick up and last mile delivery. If you need logistics support or warehouse management for your supply chain, we can handle that too.

    Our sea freight services include:

    • FCL – Full container load
    • LCL – Less than container load
    • Non-containerised load
    • Buyer’s consolidation services
    • Break bulk, Landside
    • Reefer containers for perishable cargo
    Moving cargo from A to B across the seas can be challenging. Transport documents, regulations, country-specific compliance, local requirements and customs clearance are just some of the steps to be considered before your cargo can be dispatched to its final destination. Proper export documentation and import licenses and requirements are becoming increasingly important factors when transporting cargo. With years of experience in cargo shipment, our staff can support you in delivering your sea freight in full compliance with all requirements.

    Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will find you the best and most reliable carrier for your cargo.

  • Warehousing


    There is ample warehouse space on our premises, which we flexibly rent out to our clients. We ensure that your goods are optimally stored and handled in the most cost-efficient way. We offer multiple storage possibilities, such as bulk storage, shelf and bin locations, as well as the conventional rack storage in a wide variety of location sizes.

    We offer storage space on a short, as well as long -term basis, and for consolidations. We provide our warehousing facility the first two days for free.

  • Dangerous Goods

    Dangerous Goods

    There are certain types of packaging, loading and quantity requirements that must be respected for dangerous goods before loading them onto a vessel, aircraft or vehicle. However much tighter regulations apply to such equipment when it concerns airfreight.

    As stipulated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) certain commodities that are dangerous for the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew, are in certain circumstances restricted and must be declared as dangerous goods.

    All commodities accepted for airfreight must comply with all regulations related to such equipment, not only for the departing sector but also for the arrival formalities.

  • Customs Clearing South Africa

    Customs Clearing

    Regardless of the precise local setup, our highly experienced experts can help you handle all your customs needs – from completing a customs declaration form, to a customs invoice and other customs documents.

    Our customs brokers have expertise in local conditions, regulatory requirements, tariff updates, and more. With this knowledge, we can process your custom clearances with accuracy and efficiency.

    Consequently, we comply to all necessary custom and excise standards vital to the business of customs clearing, offering electronic clearances with greater accuracy in minimal time; and by anticipating changes in our clients’ business environments through daily monitoring of the markets and continuously working towards a more innovative approach.

    Depending on the country, we can offer advice, special customs entries and procedures including:

    • Import and export declarations
    • Temporary importation
    • Customs warehousing
    • Duty drawback
    • National customs rulings
  • Materials and Packaging

    Materials and Packaging

    Proper and adequate packaging is vital. You can choose to pack and label your shipment yourself, or ask us to do it for you.

    A strong cardboard box large enough to include sufficient cushioning materials to protect the contents is required. It must be clearly labelled.

    The calculation of price is based on volume weight if it exceeds the actual weight of your shipment.

    Calculation of volume weight: Multiply length, width and height of a package (in centimetres). Add the volumes of several individual parcels of a shipment to get the total volume of the shipment. To calculate the volume weight (in kilograms), divide the volume of the shipment by the factor tendered in our quote. Any intermediate results must be rounded up.